UK leads Europe on energy reduction

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The UK is now one of the top performers in terms of energy efficiency compared with the rest of Europe, according to the

In a European commission report, energy use in the UK fell by more than five per cent from 2000 to 2008, which was the only major European economy to see a drop.

Germany's energy consumption remained level, while France's rose by seven per cent. The 27 European countries included in the report overall showed an energy consumption increase of four per cent.

There are a number of reasons contributing to the reduction in energy use in the UK. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of environmental impacts of energy. Many are making their homes more efficient by installing solar panels and other eco measures.

Despite the reduction in energy consumption, the price of heating and electricity is expected to rise. Consumers are being advised to log onto energy price comparison sites as it could make heating their homes during winter more affordable.

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