UK power firm is 'greening up the grid'

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Green Energy UK, which buys electricity from 30 small-scale generators across Britain, claims it is gradually making the National Grid greener.

According to the firm's founder and chief executive officer Doug Stewart, he got into the green energy business after talking to a physicist working on photovoltaic solar panel technology.

Mr Stewart told the Times: "I wanted to do something that made a difference. I had spent 20 years polluting the planet but now I had a young family and I was sitting there thinking, what do I want to do?"

He mulled over the prospect of becoming a roofer and installing the panels, but decided to opt for setting up a green energy firm instead.

He told the news provider: "I mentioned it to someone who said that electricity was a big boy’s business and I would never be able to do that. That was like a red rag to a bull."

Green Energy UK has contracts to supply Waitrose and the Duchy of Cornwall and claims to only buy electricity from renewable sources.

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