Using a mobile phone while driving 'could affect insurance cover'

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A leading trade association has warned that drivers who use their mobile phone while behind the wheel could be affecting their insurance cover.

The Association of British Insurers revealed that a motorist who incurs damage to a car while using a mobile could be invalidating their insurance policy by doing so, as companies are unlikely to support the driver's illegal act.

A spokesman from the body said: "[Using a mobile phone] could impact on claims made under your own policy in respect of accident repair to your own vehicle, as you are expected to take reasonable care.

"It could place you with major financial problems as you'd have to meet the cost of repairs yourself - this could run into thousands or tens of thousands of pounds."

The comments from the ABI's spokesperson have followed similar quotes from the AA's spokesperson.

Ian Crowder revealed that driving carefully can help a motorist reduce the cost of their insurance premiums, while those who are convicted of a motoring offence may struggle to find an insurer willing to cover them.

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