Youth put off by high bike insurance

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Youthful males looking to buy their first motorcycle could be put off by the price of insurance - which could end up costing them more than their new bike, according to a leading riders' rights group.

Jeff Stone, from the British Motorcyclist's Federation, says that motorcycle insurance is rising for those investing in their first bike - and, as a consequence, so as the age at which motorcyclist's make their first purchase.

"The biggest popularity for motorcycles age-wise is probably 32 to 45; that's where the bulk of motorcyclists are these days," Mr Stone commented.

"When it comes to motorcycles, the insurance a youngster is paying in his early twenties is probably more than his bike's worth. £1500 a year is not unusual for insurance," he added.

"Lads now will have a scooter to get around in to get to college or wherever, and as soon as they're old enough and can afford it they'll get a Citroen Saxo or a Peugeot 106 or a Vauxhall Nova. That's what they aim for."

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