Energy Tariffs

23 March

‘Big Six’ Price Rises

Millions of households are set to lose out as five of the ‘big six’ energy providers announce more price hikes for their standard variable tariffs. The news has sparked fresh calls for price freezes, and regulatory body Ofgem has called on providers to justify the rises.

16 March

What will the latest energy price hikes mean for you?

Energy customers are in line for bigger gas and electricity bills in the latest wave of energy price hikes. Here’s all you need to know about the increases.

30 November

GB Energy Collapse: What you need to know

GB Energy has announced it has trading, leaving 160,000 households at risk of facing higher energy bills. Here's all you need to know.

04 October

What is collective purchasing and switching?

The Collective Energy Switching Scheme allows thousands of customers to come together and seek the best energy deal that is available in the energy market. Together we have been and are able to find you the best deal and an easy way to switch.

15 July

British Gas to cut household gas prices by 5%

British Gas has made a sweeping saving for over 6.9million of its consumers by announcing its second price reduction in six months.

07 July

CMA report finds that the big six have been overcharging us by almost £2billion – over 70% of consumers are on the wrong tariff.

The big six have come under fire after the most recent investigation from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). The CMA has found some seriously damning evidence in regard to the prices consumers are paying for their energy.

01 July

Switch in summer before you get hit with a £200 bill!

When energy tariffs expire, customers are typically rolled onto suppliers standard tariffs which are usually their most expensive tariffs available.

19 November

Energy firms are failing to adequately explain tariff comparison rates according a new study

A new study has found that Ofgem's attempts to simplify energy switching have fallen short of expectations. Scott Byrom suggests that more needs to be done to help consumers understand which tariff is cheapest for them.

22 August

Extra Energy launches new domestic tariff priced below £1,000

Extra Energy has become the latest small energy supplier to launch a domestic energy tariff priced at under £1,000. Its ValuePlus Fixed Price September 2014 v1 tariff is reportedly set to cost even less than the tariffs offered by Ovo Energy and First Utility - at £990 a year. Commentators have said that the new ...

16 April

OVO unveils energy tariff priced less than £1,000

OVO Energy has unveiled the first energy tariff to offer customer an average annual bill of less than £1,000. With the Cheaper Energy Fixed tariff, the independent energy supplier has estimated that consumers would have to pay, on average, just £998 per year for the energy they need to power their homes. The new tariff ...