British Gas to offer customers free electricity on Saturdays

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British Gas has revealed that it will roll out an initiative that will see its customers get free electricity on Saturdays.

The big six energy supplier previously offered 2,000 customers free electricity on a Saturday as part of a trial run. From this it found that 60 per cent of those partaking in the trial changed their electricity usage by a significant amount.

British Gas recently announced that it lost 460,000 customers following rises of 9.2 per cent to gas and electricity prices in November last year (2013).With this particular incentive it is aiming to stop its existing customers from switching to a rival, whilst also reducing energy demand during peak hours.

Customers on British Gas' dual fuel tariff with smart meters can take advantage of the scheme when it's expected to launch in the autumn. However, those who abuse the offering have been warned they'll be removed from the scheme.

Managing director of British Gas' residential supply business, Ian Peters, told the Times that the initiative was not a philanthropic gesture, stating it was "a great retention device for electricity customers.

"Ninety nine per cent of customers would use this responsibly for the right reasons. There may be two to three per cent of people out there who do have a very strange use of extreme behaviour. I will go for the greater good," he added.

British Gas is reportedly considering a discounted gas offer at set periods should this particular scheme prove to be successful.

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