British Gas warns of energy price rises for next decade

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The head of British Gas has warned customers that energy bills will continue to rise during the next decade, according to an article published by the Telegraph.

Managing director of the energy supplier, Phil Bentley, stated that gas and electricity prices would rise because of the implementation of green taxes, as well as to fund the upgrades needed by the National Grid - which are set to cost between £80 and £100 billion.

Green energy taxes are expected to add around £140 to the average bill during the next eight years.

Bentley stated: "People will have to pay more per unit (over the next ten years) and they are therefore going to have to be more diligent in saving energy."

He then went on to criticise consumers over their financial priorities, arguing: "How many people are saying to Vodafone 'I want a discounted tariff because I can't afford a mobile?' That's what we (offer).

"People will pay their Sky bill before their energy bill... There has got to be a sensible debate about it," he added.

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