British Gas will detail energy tariff info on annual statements

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Energy supplierBritish Gas has announced that it will provide each of its customers with a comparison of all the company's  available gas and electricity tariffs on their annual statement, according to an article published by

The statements have been redesigned by British Gas following widespread recent criticism of energy suppliers,  with many detractors accusing suppliers of failing to offer the best tariffs, causing confusion amongst customers with the dizzying array of gas and electricity deals on offer.

As a result of criticism aimed across the energy sector, British Gas has acted first to make changes. It will be the first energy supplier to respond directly to the industry-wide criticism by featuring more details on annual statements, showing how much electricity a customer has used (in kilowatts per hour) during the past 12 months, and how much they can expect to pay in the next year if they continue to use as much electricity.

Also featured on the statement will be information on all of the tariffs offered by British Gas - showing customers how much they could potentially save if they switch to another British Gas tariff.

Managing director at British Gas, Ian Peters, commented on the initiative.

He said: "How people choose their energy tariff has to be simple, transparent and, above all, fair.

"Our "Tariff Checker" is already helping customers find and move to the best British Gas tariff for them. We have also taken the lead on simplifying our tariffs. Now we are including easy-to-use information up-front on our customers' annual statements. This will help customers find the best deal and make the most of any savings available to them.

"British Gas is the only energy supplier to adopt this very clear approach. If other energy suppliers follow our lead even more customers will reap the benefit."

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