Energy Efficiency

24 June

Europe moves to cut energy use

Electricty pylonThe European Union is hoping to reduce energy use across member states by up to 20%. But it wants countries to volunteer to cut energy use, which has drawn criticism from environmental campaigners. The move comes alongside current Europe-wide drives to shift towards renewable energy sources and cut emissions. The EU originally wanted mandatory targets ...

16 March

Efficient light bulb wins Design of the Year

LightbulbTwo British designers were the overall winners at the 2011 Brit Design of the Year awards for their low-energy light bulb, according to The light bulb named Plumen 001 was designed by Samuel Wilkinson and Michael-George Hemus. Energy efficient light bulbs in the past have been pretty ugly to look at, but the new ...

08 March

UK leads Europe on energy reduction

Blue flames of gasThe UK is now one of the top performers in terms of energy efficiency compared with the rest of Europe, according to the In a European commission report, energy use in the UK fell by more than five per cent from 2000 to 2008, which was the only major European economy to see a ...