Energy Regulations

29 May

Energy UK warns consumers of fraudulent Green Deal traders

Energy UK has warned homeowners to watch out for rogue traders using the Green Deal to potentially con them out of thousands of pounds. The representative of the UK energy industry called for more awareness on such sale scams as part of the Scams Awareness Month and Doorstep Selling Week.

22 May

Ofgem orders ScottishPower to pay price gap penalty

ScottishPower has been ordered to pay a £750,000 penalty by industry regulator Ofgem following an investigation into the difference in price paid by customers depending on their payment method.

20 May

Ofgem hits npower with £120,000 fine over data reporting error

Ofgem has fined the 'Big Six' firm npower £120,000 due to a data reporting error. The energy regulator fined the firm for wrongly reporting data between the period of 2010-2013 regarding its Renewables Obligation (RO) scheme and Feed-in Tariff.

19 May

Report claims Britain to run out of fossil fuels in five years' time

New research has suggested Britain will run out of fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas in as little as five years.

16 May

E.On hit with record £12m mis-selling fine by Ofgem

The 'Big Six' energy supplier E.On has been hit with a record-breaking £12m fine over mis-selling. Ofgem hit the energy giant with the huge fine after conducting a number of mis-selling investigations.

06 May

Newcastle University study claims energy is too cheap, causing wastage

A new study has made the bold claim energy in the UK is actually too cheap. A group of academics at Newcastle University have challenged the existing market-based approach of the government, suggesting it is too cheap and consequently leading to more waste.

25 April

Energy suppliers agree to cut switching times

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has revealed that energy suppliers have agreed to cut the amount of time it takes to switch supplier by half by the end of this year (2014). Typically the process of switching energy providers has taken customers around five weeks - a far greater amount of time ...

14 March

Plans for QR codes on energy bills outlined by the Government

The Government has outlined plans for energy bills to feature QR codes, which would enable consumers to see how much gas and electricity they've used in their homes. It would also enable consumers to determine whether or not they were on the best energy deal. QR codes, or Quick Response Codes, are barcodes that essentially ...

15 January

SSE and British Gas free to exploit white-label loophole in Ofgem rules

Two of the UK's 'Big Six' energy suppliers will be able to avoid new rules brought in by Ofgem by exploiting a loophole in the regulations. The energy regulator has brought in a number of new rules to the industry from January 1, 2014, however under one of the measures set to be brought in ...

14 January

Npower unveils new billing format in light of Ofgem regulations on bills

'Big Six' energy supplier npower has unveiled a new billing structure designed to make its paper bills easier for customers to understand. UK energy regulator Ofgem brought in new regulations on bills from January 1, and npower unveiled the new format created following customer feedback. Ofgem has told energy suppliers bills must be much easier ...