E.On boss plays down claims of 'Big Six' strangehold on energy market

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The boss of  energy firm E.On has hit back at suggestions his company and other 'Big Six' suppliers have a 'stranglehold' on the UK market.

Tony Cocker spoke out in defence of his company in the face of increasing comments raising concerns on the issue from the likes of ministers and Labour politicians, as well as the UK energy regulator Ofgem.

However, Mr Cocker said he was disappointed with such comments as he believed the UK energy market was actually very competitive.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, E.On UK chief executive, Tony Cocker, said: "There are a number of large players and a number of small players. My view is that number is sufficient.

"There is active and vibrant competition in this marketplace. The companies are very different, have different agendas, and actively compete for the loyalty of their customers."

Mr Cocker said he was aware of the current poor reputation of his firm and other 'Big Six' members, so had implemented a 'reset review' policy in order to try to improve customer service at E.On.

He admitted there was still work to be done, including dealing with a customer query the first time around and ensuring customer phone calls were answered "as quickly as a customer would expect".

E.On, as well as a number of other UK energy suppliers, is currently participating in the Government's Green Deal initiative.

Under the energy-saving scheme, customers can seek a loan on energy efficiency measures such as the fitting of a new boiler or installation of wall or loft insulation, which they can then pay back as part of their energy bills - as long as the money saved from fitting the energy-saving measure, outweighs the initial cost of the work.

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