E.ON launch Love Your Loft service

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E.ON - one of the big six energy companies - has launched a new service entitled "Love Your Loft."

The launch follows research conducted by the energy supplier, in which they found that a quarter of people in the UK were ruling out insulating their lofts because the work was too messy or too difficult.

The service covers the insulation and boarding of customers' lofts - with prices starting at £349.

Insulation experts have calculated that the average home could save around £175 each year on energy bills simply by getting the appropriate loft insulation.

Commenting on the launch of Love Your Loft, Emma Bradshaw, energy fitness expert at E.ON, stated: "For many people there is a fear factor linked to insulating your loft, whether that's about the initial cost involved, the hassle of cleaning it out or getting on with the insulation task at hand.

"With our Love Your Loft service we'll clear your loft so we can get on with the insulating and boarding. It will only take around a couple of hours and , whilst we're up there we can sort through your belongings and make piles for charity, the bin and for you to keep.

"We'll take what you don't want, dispose of it responsibly or recycle it for charity, and we'll also put the stuff you want to keep back into the loft once we've finished," she added.

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