E.ON launches manifesto

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E.ON has launched a new manifesto outlining its hopes for debate on both reducing carbon emissions and ensuring energy remains affordable.

The company's document, entitled Energy Manifesto Carbon, Cost and Consequences, was launched at a special event in London yesterday.

Dr Paul Golby, E.ON UK's chief executive said the company would like to see "new, balanced and honest debate" on the issues.

He explained: "The UK's generation infrastructure is being massively overhauled. We must take this opportunity to make sure that the energy of the future is low carbon, secure and as low cost as possible.

The company's interest in the debate is "driven" by its efforts to build the energy infrastructure "for the future", he added.

E.ON recently announced plans to provide funding to several research projects looking at the creation of energy storage technologies.

Higher education facilities in Nottingham and Strathclyde were given the grants as part of the supplier's ten-year research initiative.

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