E.ON reducing electricity bills for non-mains gas customers

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E.ON has announced it is reducing annual electricity bills for consumers which are not attached to the mains gas network.

The company, one of the leading energy firms in the UK, is making the reductions for its customers in the East Midlands, east of England and the north-west.

It claims residential electricity customers not on a mains gas supply will see their bills reduced by an average of £14.

The changes are a response to an Ofgem investigation into UK consumers without mains gas not receiving benefits available to dual fuel customers.

Graham Bartlett, managing director of E.ON's retail business, said the firm is "always looking" to price its gas and electricity "as fairly and competitively as possible".

He added: "However, we, like Ofgem, saw that our electricity customers who have no mains gas are simply not able to get some of our best deals. That's why we've decided to level the playing field in our core regions by passing on this special reduction."

Last month, E.ON announced that mining had begun at all eight caverns of the firm's Holford gas storage facility in Cheshire.

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