E.ON to 'stand against' EC's energy market plans

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The chief executive of E.ON has criticised the European Commission's (EC) plans to 'unbundle' the continent’s major energy companies.

Wulf Bernotat said that electricity suppliers should have the right to make any decisions on the future of their investments without pressure from regulatory bodies.

According to the Guardian, Mr Bernotat also revealed his hopes that the British government would speed up its decision-making process on the future of its energy supplies.

He commented to the newspaper: "Not much has happened over the summer and we really are running out of time in a number of different areas."

"I said some time ago that UK energy policy was like a book with a title but nothing inside it. Now we have a few chapter headings but no real details. We must fill in the blanks."

E.ON is one of UK's major gas and electricity suppliers and its UK division was formed after it took over Powergen in 2002.

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