Ecotricity owner reveals frustration over UK energy policy uncertainity

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The owner of one of the UK's main green energy suppliers has revealed that a lack of certainty from the government regarding renewable energy policy has left many suppliers in the sector frustrated.

Dale Vince, owner of Stroud-based supplier Ecotricity, told Responding to Climate Change that the ongoing climate of financial austerity, coupled with the lack of certainty had left companies feeling disappointed.

Vince stated: "I have no hope or confidence in this government at all on green issues.

"Things are being lobbed at us by the government: overnight slashes in the solar FiT (Feed in tariffs), big and then small solar; a cut in the wind ROC (Renewable Obligation Certificate) - you don't know what's coming next with these people.

"There must have been ten consultations in the past twelve months in the energy market that we've been taking part in. It's exhausting," Mr Vince added.

He then went onto argue that a mass interest in green energy would only be generated once standard energy bills had reached a higher rate, forecasting that when this happened interest would peak.

"What we require - and it's coming - are hideous costs of energy, which will at some point make green energy cheaper than the alternative, and then it will just become a huge thing.

"People will be doing it, big power companies will be doing it, not because it's the right thing to do environmentally but because it's imperative economically. But that's coming anyway," he added.

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