Labour demands equal protection against suppliers for small businesses

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Labour has accused energy suppliers of "ripping off" small businesses, according to an article published by the Mirror.

The party has stated that thousands of smaller firms are suffering at the hands of dubious tactics employed by many energy suppliers.

Shadow Energy Secretary, Caroline Flint, said: "After years of ripping off hard-pressed families and pensioners, now it seems energy companies are turning their fire on to shops and small firms instead.

"Small businesses are the backbone of the British economy, but big energy companies are getting away with highway robbery," she added.

As a result, Labour has launched a three-point plan, designed to give small businesses in the UK the same level of protection as households.

In this plan, Labour has stated that it wants a limit of a year put on 'back billing' - an instance in which businesses are charged for energy they've used, but haven't paid for, even when it's because of a supplier error. Currently energy suppliers are allowed to back bill as far back as six years, leaving some firms with huge payments.

It also wants suppliers to be more aware of small businesses' ability to pay for energy whilst facing energy debts. The plan also displays the demand for a ban on contract terms that are unfair and 'rolled-over' deals which are renewed without the consent of firms.

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