npower chief calls British Gas 'Free Saturday' move a gimmick

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The head of 'Big Six' energy firm RWE npower has blasted rival British Gas's move to offer customers free energy on a Saturday - calling it little more than a 'gimmick'.

Paul Massara claimed, if anything, a nationwide launch of the scheme would end up confusing customers.

His scathing attack comes shortly after British Gas announced it is set to offer free energy on a Saturday to its one million smart meter customers.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, RWE npower CEO, Paul Massara, said: "We are looking at smart meters but we think at the moment Joe Public is more concerned about understanding their bill and the size of the bill.

"A 'Free Saturday' is more of a gimmick really. People will simply end up paying more during the week to make up for it."

The move could be seen as a way to deflect attention away from his own firm however, as it has emerged npower will be launching a new 'simpler' bill of its own - one that could see its two million customers hit with an 11% hike on electricity charges.

The firm is adamant more than 1.1m of its energy consumers will not be effected by the changes though, but admits the other 900,000 may find themselves a little worse off over the course of the year.

RWE npower is also set to start offering energy improvement measures under the government's Green Deal scheme at some point in the summer. Once it officially starts this process, its energy consumers will be able to look into loans on a range of energy improvement measures such as the replacement of an old boiler or the fitting of loft insulation.

The scheme is designed to get homes more energy efficient, not only helping homeowners save money on their energy bills, but also cutting down on carbon emissions.

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