npower heat map reveals UK's richest postcodes waste the most energy

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A new study has found the UK's richest postcodes are guilty of wasting the most energy.

Areas including Kensington, Westminster and Chelsea were found to waste the most energy through heat loss in the npower research. By comparison, houses in Scotland Outer Hebrides and Aberdeenshire were mostly well insulated and subsequently wasted far less energy than those in the south.

The research also claimed more than half of UK households were guilty of energy wastage, especially through the walls and roofs. Kensington and Chelsea were the worst for energy wastage, with a staggering 83% of houses in the areas failing to adequately insulate their homes.

The energy supplier had already caused somewhat of a storm by claiming old houses and lack of insulation were to blame for high energy bills, with many MPs suggesting the firm was essentially laying the blame for high energy bills on the customer rather than the energy suppliers.

Commenting on overall energy prices and the issue of insulation, npower chief executive,  Paul Massara, said: "The actual unit price of energy in the UK is one of the lowest in Europe, but bills are high because British homes waste so much energy.

"If we can increase the efficiency of the UK's old and draughty housing, we can ensure that annual energy bills are some of the lowest too."

The firm estimates more than a £1,000 could be shaved off the average households energy bill by adequately installing measures such as cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and a new energy efficient boiler.

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