Ofgem put forward new grid charges proposal

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Industry regulator, Ofgem - a supporter of the upcoming Big Energy Week - has published a list of proposals that could benefit generators of renewable energy, according to an article published by BBC News.

The new proposals would see generators - such as those in Scotland - charged less to connect to the National Grid, meaning wind farms in the north of Scotland could be set for a possible reduction of 60 per cent.

Under the current system, generators in Scotland are charged more as they're located further away from those areas that require a high amount of energy - making transportation costlier.

Hannah Nixon, Senior partner for transmission at Ofgem said: "The current formula was designed for a different era when Britain's power all came from conventional sources like coal and gas.

"The mix of generators producing power is changing rapidly. More renewable and low-carbon gas generators are connecting the grid," she added.

"So the charging formula needs to be updated to reflect the new realities of the generation mix," Nixon concluded.

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