Scottish and Southern's planned overhaul criticised by rivals

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Following Scottish and Southern CEO, Ian Marchant's attack on other member of the "Big Six" energy suppliers and the announcement of the company's new planned tariff overhaul, a number of detractors have come forward to have their say, according to an article published by the Independent.

Scottish and Southern's new plan will see it auction all of it's generated electricity on an open market - as opposed to the typically adopted system in which all power is sold directly to consumers and businesses.

Billed as potentially changing the energy industry by some, many remain unimpressed.

Director of First Utility - the UK's biggest independent supplier of electricity - Darren Braham stated that the overhaul would do little to favour smaller suppliers.

He said: "We reject SSEs moves as 'smoke and mirrors' that will have negligible impact on newer entrants growing in the market, competition and consumers."

A spokesman for Centrica, one of the other members of the "Big Six" also criticised the move.

He stated: "If all power was traded on a day-ahead basis as SSE proposes, that may well increase volatility in prices."

"If so, this could actually exacerbate the risks for suppliers and could lead to more price volatility for customers," the spokesman added.

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