SSE launches new tariff for energy-sharing customers

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Households and businesses which share energy produced from their own renewable resources with the local community could benefit from a new energy tariff.

Scottish and Southern Energy's solar energyplus deal offers customers with solar panels the chance to earn cash for exporting excess energy on to the electricity network.

Under the scheme, customers that produce 1,500 kilowatt hours a year could earn £135 for giving half of the energy to the local community.

The energy supplier is also planning to provide export meters and the necessary documents to customers willing to share their renewable energy.

Speaking about the launch of the new tariff, SSE chief executive Ian Marchant said: "We are now offering solar power generators a simple pricing structure which represents real value for all concerned. I hope that it helps encourage further investment in solar power, which can play a growing and significant part in meeting the UK's energy needs."

The launch of the new tariff comes several weeks after SSE's better plan tariff, which gives customers financial incentives to reduce their energy usage over a calendar year.

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