Two small energy suppliers set to rival 'Big Six' with price freezes

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A number of small independent energy suppliers have introduced a range of deals to entice customers away from the 'Big Six' providers.

Ecoctricity and Good Energy have announced price freezes until at least April 2014 and March 2014 respectively, and Co-operative Energy has unveiled a new fixed-rate tariff which will become the cheapest currently available on the market.

Discussing how his firm is now able to offer the price freeze to customers, Ecotricity founder, Dale Vince, said: "We now produce around 40% of our own electricity through our own green sources, and the more we build the better able we are to shield our customers from price hikes that come with a reliance on the fossil fuel market.

"That's the way Britain has to go, because only energy independence can properly tackle rising fuel bills. The alternative is where we are now – a continuing reliance on fossil fuels, ever-increasing energy bills, and more people falling into fuel poverty every year."

Good Energy chief executive, Juliet Davenport, confirmed that, just like Ecoctricity, the firm would also look to present customers with an enticing offer, holding prices until April 1, 2014.

Co-operative Energy has also introduced two new fixed-price tariffs, which will protect its customers from price hikes for up to two years.

The first, the Fixed March 2015 tariff will be the cheapest fixed-price plan on the market upon launch and will cost the average household £1,168 a year for gas and electricity. It will also launch a Fixed March 2016 tariff - with no exit fees involved with either.

As a further incentive, Co-operative Energy customers who sign up to become members of the Co-Operative Group can receive a share of its profits twice a year.

Discussing the new tariff and extra inducement, Co-operative Energy Group general manager, Ramsay Dunning, said: "Not only will customers be assured their prices are fixed, if they sign up to any of our tariffs and become a member they will also benefit from a share of profits twice a year and have a say in how their energy company is run so they will know for sure they're getting the very best deal."

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