Energy Industry

20 October

Energy comparison sites accused of “hiding” the best deals

Five of the UK’s biggest price comparison websites have been accused of “hiding” the best energy deals from consumers – but is it true?

17 April

EDF opens new offshore wind farm and gas power plant

Power stationEDF Energy has announced the opening of a new gas power plant and offshore wind farm. Both the Teesside Offshore Wind Farm and the West Burton Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Station, in Nottinghamshire, were officially opened by the energy supplier's chairman and chief executive, Henri Proglio and energy minister, Michael Fallon. The offshore wind ...

01 July

Energy regulator Ofgem once again warns of risk of UK energy blackouts

House inside a lightbulbOfgem has issued a further warning of the risk of potential blackouts in the UK. The energy regulator has warned electricity power capacity could fall as low as two per cent by 2015 and has also suggested more investment in power generation is essential in order to protect energy consumers. A number of factors are ...

24 June

UK consumers to pay twice as much for electricity compared to Germans, report claims

Electricity PylonSwiss-based financial services company Credit Suisse has claimed that the price of wholesale electricity in the United Kingdom could be almost double that in Germany within the next three years. Any rise in electricity prices on the wholesale market would obviously impact millions of UK homeowners. Whilst the gap between UK and German wholesale energy ...

18 June

Key figure in nuclear industry says UK should not rely on foreign firms

Power stationA key figure in the nuclear energy business has questioned the Government's handling of the power source. Urenco chief executive, Helmut Engelbrecht, was critical of the fact much of the country's nuclear industry now seemed to be becoming reliant on foreign companies. The German head of the enriched-uranium supplier, said: "It's just unfortunate that countries ...