Energy Prices

20 August

UK energy prices rising faster than in most countries in developed world, study finds

A new study has found energy prices are rising at a faster rate in the UK than in the majority of developed nations. Conducted by the House of Commons Library and based on figures provided by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), it highlighted that domestic gas and electricity prices have risen by ...

07 August

Energy bills take priority in homes across Europe

A recent study has found that homeowners are more likely to prioritise their energy bills over their rent or mortgage. Conducted by multinational retail company and B&Q owner, Kingfisher, the European Home Report 2014 features the responses of 17,000 households across nine European countries. Sixty-five per cent of the respondents stated that the rising costs ...

12 June

Ofgem criticises 'Big Six' for not handing down savings to customers

Ofgem has slammed the UK's 'Big Six' energy suppliers over their failure to amend energy bills in line with a fall in wholesale prices in an open letter to the firms. The energy regulator claimed the firms risk 'undermining public confidence' with their inaction and should explain to customers exactly why the savings from falling ...

12 May

British Gas doesn't expect energy prices to rise in 2014

Centrica, the owner of big six energy supplier British Gas, has stated that it expects to keep gas and electricity prices at the current level for the remainder of 2014.

28 April

Co-operative Energy implements energy price rise of £27 per year

Co-operative Energy has announced that its energy prices will increase by 2.4 per cent. Going against the energy price reductions implemented by many energy suppliers, Co-operative has hiked prices by £27 per year for customers on its variable tariffs. The higher prices will come into effect on 27 May (2014). Its typical dual fuel bill ...

26 March

SSE to freeze gas and electricity prices until 2016

SSE has announced that it will freeze its domestic gas and electricity prices until 2016. The big six energy supplier revealed that the move would reduce its profits. As a result it has said  around 500 jobs will be cut, and  plans to construct three offshore wind farms postponed to make up for the expected ...

04 March

Good Energy to increase dual fuel tariff price by 2.2%

Good Energy has announced that it will implement a price increase on its domestic dual fuel tariff. The green energy supplier revealed on Friday (28 February) that the tariff would rise by 2.2 per cent on 2 April, seeing the average cost of energy for customers hit £1,199 per year. Whereas the majority of energy ...

11 February

Davey urges Ofgem to take action if energy firms are overcharging customers

Ed Davey has called on UK energy regulator Ofgem to look into the 'Big Six' energy suppliers gas profits: Demanding radical change if the firms are found guilty of overcharging customers. The energy secretary has even gone as far as to urge Ofgem to consider breaking some of the companies up - if the accusations  ...

07 February

MP accuses energy suppliers of 'ripping off' bill payers who pay in cash

The UK's energy suppliers have been accused of 'ripping off' bill payers who use other methods to pay rather than Direct Debit. Figures from the government have revealed many homeowners paying through alternative methods such as cash or cheque are typically paying more than £114 a month more than those who used automated payments. The ...

10 January

Npower set to reduce energy bills by 2.6% by end of February

Energy firm npower has confirmed it will reduce energy bills by 2.6% - the last of the 'Big Six' to do so. A spate of 'Big Six' energy suppliers have already begun to reduce their gas and electricity bills - which in many cases were only raised at the tail end of last year - ...