Energy Prices

04 March

New Government Legislation Aims to Wipe Out "Fuel Poverty"

Millions of people across the UK are living in poverty as they cannot afford their energy bill. New Government legislation aims to fix that.

20 February

Scottish Power announce profit increase as British Gas tease further price cuts

As Scottish Power announce a large increase in profit, British Gas have suffered with the falling price of oil and gas. However, despite this bad news, British Gas are teasing further price cuts for their customers.

18 February

Government investigation finds consumers are paying up to 30% more

Today the CMA have published their findings following an investigation into energy prices, concluding that domestic energy consumers are spending up to 30% more than they need to.

05 February

Big Six Cut Prices, but not enough, are you benefitting?

Prices from the big six have been cut, but after a recent study it has come to light that we could still be saving more.
Opinions are being weighed in from our own Scott Byrom, energy expert, Dr Richard Westoby, Director of retails economics at SSE, leading Ofgem and the Competition and Markets Authority to step in.

29 January

OVO energy shame 'Big Six' suppliers with massive price cuts

Bristol based energy supplier OVO energy has revealed what savings are possible, thanks to the falling price of gas, by cutting their prices by 10.4%. This is over double the price cuts that have been recently announced by bigger suppliers, such as British Gas.

15 January

Labour claim energy consumers deserve compensation if savings are not passed on

Labour front bencher and Shadow Energy Secretary Caroline Flint has criticised energy companies for not passing on savings from the faling wholesale cost of gas onto consumers, claiming compensation needs to be paid.

12 November

Homeowners choose to go cold this winter due to the rising cost of energy

A rise in the cost of energy has resulted in many households having to sacrifice heating to save money on their domestic energy bills this winter.

05 November

A report has revealed that Londoners are significantly less likely to switch their energy tariffs

A new report has suggested that residents in London are significantly less likely to switch their energy supplier. Scott Byrom, energy expert, suggests that the high proportion of rental properties in the country's capital is to blame.

01 September

SSE Airtricity implements gas price freeze until April 2015

SSE Airtricity has announced that it will freeze its gas prices for its customers in Northern Ireland until April 2015. The move comes after a the electricity and gas supplier and the Northern Irish industry regulating body, Utility Regulator, conducted a half-yearly review into current pricing strategies. As a result, SSE Airtricity has effectively given ...

26 August

nPower's chief exec blames Labour price freeze plans for high energy prices

The chief executive of big six energy supplier nPower has stated that it has not reduced its energy prices due to Labour's plans to implement a price freeze. Paul Massara made the claim in a letter to energy market regulator Ofgem. Labour leader, Ed Miliband, said almost a year ago that the party would implement ...