Green Energy

24 June

Good Energy to allow Bristolians to pay with home currency – the Bristol Pound.

Bristolians can now pay their energy bills using their local currency - the Bristol Pound. (£B)

01 April

World's longest electricity connector to be built between Norway and Blyth UK

National Grid and Statnett reach agreement on interconnector between UK and Norway. Green energy for 750,000 homes in Britian.

27 February

Wind energy subsidies are responsible for rising energy bills

Following calls for wind energy projects to migrate onshore, industry experts this week criticized government bodies for being too generous with subsidies in the past, which have contributed to rising energy bills.

25 February

Solar Eclipse threatens Europe's solar energy supply.

With the biggest solar eclipse since 1999 due on 20th March this year, and the use of solar power up to 10.5% - are systems operators ready?

09 January

Wind energy whips up trouble for the government

The UK government has been recently criticised on two separate occasions for it's approach and stance on wind energy, so this week they responded to their critics.

03 December

A ‘world first’ tidal energy project could give Britain the boost that it needs

The government has announced it is in the early stages of discussions that could lead to a 'world first' tidal energy project off the south coast of Wales. Energy experts are hopeful that these discussions mark a change in attitude towards renewable energy in Britain.

17 November

U.S. and China reach pivotal agreement on climate change policy

The United States and China have come to a historic agreement in the fight against climate change.

27 October

Wind farms overtake nuclear power as UK’s largest power generator

On Tuesday last week, the UK’s wind farms generated more power than its nuclear power stations, according to the National Grid.

29 September

DONG Energy supports the North West economy in plans to expand Burbo Bank offshore wind farm

Danish company, DONG Energy outlines support for Britain's North West economy following an announcement that the company plan to expand Liverpool's Burbo Bank offshore wind farm. The renewable energy project is an effort to upscale Britain's wind energy production to reach a yearly production target of 41GW by 2030.

19 August

Growth in customers for Good Energy despite mild winter

Green Energy PlugGreen energy supplier Good Energy has seen its customer base grow during the first half of 2014, helping it to overcome the fall in demand caused by warmer winter weather. It has suggested that increased marketing activities and improvements to its business logistics is likely to strengthen its position as a market leader in the ...