Green Energy

07 May

Study: 1,000 projects not needed as UK has passed renewable energy quota

A new study has suggested Britain has already approved more than enough renewable energy projects to hit targets imposed by the EU.

25 April

Government approves eight new renewable energy projects

The government has announced that it has given its approval for eight new renewable energy projects. The projects include the conversion of energy plants, currently powered by coal, to run on biomass and the construction of offshore wind farms situated on the coasts of Norfolk and Yorkshire, in Liverpool bay, and just off the Moray. ...

14 April

Davey agrees with UN report, calls for Europe to be as ambitious as UK

Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey has backed a new UN report calling for a massive shift in how energy shift in energy creation, but also called for Europe to be as ambitious as the UK on the issue. The report - issued at a press conference in Berlin on Sunday (April 13) - has encouraged ...

10 April

Good Energy sees pre-tax profits reach £3.3m in 2013

Wiltshire-based green energy supplier Good Energy has revealed that it saw its pre-tax profits more than double in 2013, having attracted around 14,500 new customers during the past 12 months. Good Energy's total customer base rose by 32 per cent, which helped its pre-tax profits hit £3.3 million. The number of customers on its electricity ...

09 April

New solar farm in Lincoln set to be the biggest in the UK

A new solar energy farm in Lincoln is being touted as the largest of its kind in the country after it was granted planning permission. The solar farm at an old RAF base in Faldingworth is set to be the size of 210 football pitches with 196,000 panels. Although it has not yet officially confirmed ...

02 April

Good Energy's new Hampole wind farm starts to generate electricity

Green energy supplier, Good Energy, has revealed that its brand new South Yorkshire wind farm has begun generating and exporting renewable electricity. Located in the village of Hampole, near Doncaster, the wind farm cost around £16 million to construct, features four turbines and  has a total generation capacity of 8.2MW - enough electricity to power ...

21 March

Good Energy trials new smartphone app for HomeGen customers

Green energy supplier Good Energy has unveiled a new smart phone app designed to allow customers to easily claim incentive payments on the energy they generate from solar panels fitted to their homes. The app will initially launch on a trial basis and will support the supplier's HomeGen scheme. This scheme allows customers with domestic ...

11 March

Good Energy wins Climate Week award for commitment to renewable energy

Good Energy has received an award in recognition of its promotion of renewable energy in the UK. The first supplier of 100 per cent renewable electricity won 'best business initiative' at the recent Climate Week awards. Climate Week is a national initiative designed to highlight the positive actions of individuals, organisations and communities in every ...

10 March

National Grid stats: Wind power produced 11% of UK's electricity in Feb

Wind power supplied more than 11% of the UK's electricity supply in February according to new figures from National Grid. The results from British multinational electricity and gas utility company showed the wind power industry was smashing a number of records over the last few months: The February figures broke the previous record set in ...

04 March

Good Energy to increase dual fuel tariff price by 2.2%

Good Energy has announced that it will implement a price increase on its domestic dual fuel tariff. The green energy supplier revealed on Friday (28 February) that the tariff would rise by 2.2 per cent on 2 April, seeing the average cost of energy for customers hit £1,199 per year. Whereas the majority of energy ...