Energy Suppliers

07 July

CMA report finds that the big six have been overcharging us by almost £2billion – over 70% of consumers are on the wrong tariff.

The big six have come under fire after the most recent investigation from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). The CMA has found some seriously damning evidence in regard to the prices consumers are paying for their energy.

01 July

Switch in summer before you get hit with a £200 bill!

When energy tariffs expire, customers are typically rolled onto suppliers standard tariffs which are usually their most expensive tariffs available.

02 April

EON pay £7.75m for repeat offences

Big six supplier E.On has been ordered to pay millions in fines for wrongly charging customers, an error which it made only two years previously.

01 April

World's longest electricity connector to be built between Norway and Blyth UK

National Grid and Statnett reach agreement on interconnector between UK and Norway. Green energy for 750,000 homes in Britian.

16 March

E.ON announces company split to focus on renewable energy

Big Six energy supplier has announced an operational split in the wake of falling profit margins. The company has been hit hard by several factors that have led to a decision to reform the way that the energy supplier operates.

04 March

New Government Legislation Aims to Wipe Out "Fuel Poverty"

Millions of people across the UK are living in poverty as they cannot afford their energy bill. New Government legislation aims to fix that.

25 February

Solar Eclipse threatens Europe's solar energy supply.

With the biggest solar eclipse since 1999 due on 20th March this year, and the use of solar power up to 10.5% - are systems operators ready?

18 February

Government investigation finds consumers are paying up to 30% more

Today the CMA have published their findings following an investigation into energy prices, concluding that domestic energy consumers are spending up to 30% more than they need to.

06 February

Big Six announcement of increasing profit is met by criticism from Ofgem

Despite announcing price cuts throughout 2015, the 'Big Six' energy suppliers have once again come under-fire by industry experts after it was announced that energy supplier profit margins are set to rise again this year.

22 January

Report reveals npower are the worst performers when it comes to customer satisfaction

An annual report has named npower as Britain's worst performer when it comes to customer satisfaction, with new smaller energy suppliers, such as Ecotricity, topping the list.